History of the Methodist Church in Cañon City, Colorado

In May of 1952, Joe Martin was asked to assume the responsibility of cataloguing and indexing the old Church records.  After completing this, he was asked to also write a running history of the church.  Joe Martin said, "It was to this task I set my hand, that the "memory of those we have loved long since and lost awhile, my not be entirely forgotten." 
We have published those memories here.

Taken from the Foreword:

"This book has been written as a survey of the history of the First United Methodist Church of Cañon City.  It deals primarily with the general programs of the church, the ministers who have served her, and the buildings which the congregation has occupied."


A Multitude of Saints was copy written in 1993, written by Lucile W. Sanger and David B. Sanger.  This book is a fairly comprehensive history of the Methodist Church from it's beginning in 1866 to today.  It includes many pictures.


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